Are Beyonce Prom Entrances A Thing?

A few weeks ago I blogged what I thought was the most preposterous video of all time. Just like most things on the internet I figured we had a good laugh and could move on but then this morning I’m scrolling through Facebook and see that the EXACT SAME PEOPLE were performing the same routine for another prom. I’m man enough to admit that this is an electric performance but it just leaves me with so many questions.

Is this a business? Can you learn a Beyonce dance and just go through “urban” neighborhoods just charging to reveal girls before prom? If so, how much do you charge? If you don’t charge, is this just an investment in your performance future by hoping that black Twitter blows this up and Beyonce brings you on stage at a concert? I just don’t get it at all but I know I want in.

One thing I do know though is that this young man immediately regrets who he invited to prom.


PS: I could learn this dance and kill it, no problem.