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Tourism Expert Predicts That Within 100 Years Hunting Humans Will Be A Legal Sport




(AOL)Hunting can be a controversial pastime, but we should all agree that however you feel about animal rights, human beings should be off limits. Still, there’s a lecturer in the UK who has a very grim look at the future of tourism. And he’s not describing hotels without room service or planes with even less leg room. In the not-so-distant future, he believes rich people will hunt poor people for fun or sport. Daniel Wright is a senior lecturer in tourism and wrote about his thoughts in a scientific journal called Futures. He says that Earth’s population is going to put more and more stress on the planet and that the disparity between the super rich and the rest of the population is only to get worse. Going into more detail, Wright thinks by 2100, the world’s wealthiest people will be able to hunt human beings and by 2200 he thinks it will be legal and even televised.
That may not be so far-fetched. If you think about it, the Colosseum wasn’t that long ago, and things got ugly.




Gotta love the internet. One fucking lunatic says something insane and all of a sudden it’s the story of the day. Get the hell out of my face with this nonsense, Daniel Wright. Humans? Within a century rich people are going to be hunting humans? In 84 years it’s going to be the Hunger Games all over mother earth? Fuck you.



Does that really seem to be the way that we, as a people, are going? Every college kid in America is marching or protesting for safe spaces and condemning trigger words but one generation removed from that everyone will be saying, “Here’s 50 bucks. I’d like to hunt a homeless guy”? A vast majority of people lose their minds whenever closing borders is discussed but their kids are going to line up on the shorelines with sniper rifles to pick-off refugees in an attempt to cure overpopulation? Doubbbbbbt it. Yeah, the colosseums weren’t built to show drive-in movies but I think we’ve evolved just a smidge.



Unless, of course, Daniel Wright isn’t talking about this stuff happening in first world countries. Then I take it all back because I’m pretty sure this is already legal in the third world. You don’t even have to get a license or pay for the right, you can just kill a poor person on your lunch break to relieve stress.