Begin The Draft Day With Ben Simmons' Sixers Workout Video

Link to vid

Fresh. And people say Ben Simmons doesn’t have a shot. You see that sweet lefty stroke? Get him wide open with 2.5 seconds to set up his shot and it’s money in the bank every damn time. But for real that release is good enough to improve on. Plus you can just tell how naturally he gets to the basket, which is exactly why he has never needed to develop a jump shot. But do you see the size of those hands smothering that ball? Look at those mitts! I haven’t seen paws like this since I accidentally called a random homeless beer chugger “Banana Hands” at an Eagles tailgate. I’m sure these hands are par for the course among NBA players. They’re genetic freaks in every aspect of biology. But, damn, those are some Paul Buynon worthy gloves that I wouldn’t mind on my squad. Even if Simmons can’t ball we could just get him to smother all our enemies with one hand and crush skulls like melons with the other. Still would be more than anything Vasilije Mici? would bring to the court.

Tonight’s the night we officially stop trusting the process and begin living it. In loving memory of Sam Hinkie, CUE IT!