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J'Marcus Webb Officially Cut

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What a ride it’s been. I don’t think anyone that bad has been given that many chances to succeed. If it wasn’t for the Bears inability to put even halfway decent offensive lineman on the field I’m pretty sure J-Webb would have been gone 2 years ago. Turnstile city. He’s not Gabe Carimi or Chris Williams, 7th round draft picks are always experiments, and his shittyness wasn’t as disappointing because he was always a “work in progress” but holy fuck is this good news. Because I think I speak for all of us when I say if we had to go through another year of “J’Marcus has all the tools”, “J’Marcus is putting it all together”, “Can’t teach that type of size”, only to see atrocious blocking every single Sunday, we’d all riot (we’d literally do nothing but you get the point). So goodbye J-Webb Nation. I could say it’s been fun but then I’d be lying through my teeth.




If J-Webb doesn’t face some fools today I will be thoroughly disappointed.