The Derrick Rose Era Is Over




Ill admit, even though we knew he was being shopped I never truly thought it would happen. Just never thought the Bulls would pull the trigger. It’s been a wild, contentious, fun, exhausting, annoying, exciting, frustrating 8 years but I guess that’s that. I saw some people rumbling that the Bulls are getting screwed here but D-Rose has 1 year left on his deal and the Bulls need to rebuild basically everything. Maybe the FO is starting to realize that. We’ll see if Jimmy goes too and we go back to the dark ages.



Also, I’m going to genuinely miss D-Rose, I wish everything had worked out but this break up was inevitable. Probably the most complex fan/athlete relationship a city has ever had but at the end of the day he made the Bulls relevant after some really bad years.


I’m currently at Wrigley but I’ll do a full “Derrick Rose Fan Handbook” after the game for all those Knicks fans out there.