The Honest Trailer For 'Pixels' Would Kill Adam Sandler If He Cared, Which He Surely Doesn't Anymore


Now that, THAT was an evisceration. A complete castration to the soul of Sandler and his career. And does it matter? Nope. We all know Adam’s been dead inside for over a decade when it comes with making a comical movie. Legit question, when was the last time Adam Sandler made a funny flick? Googles filmography…Yup. 1999. Big Daddy was the last Sandler flick to seriously make me laugh. Since then it’s been Jack & Jill, You Don’t Mess With Zohan, Grown Ups 1-7 by the time it’s done. Granted, movies like Click, Punch Drunk Love, and Reign On Me are decent stuff, but they’re hardly comedies. The man just doesn’t care anymore. And can you blame him? Shit, I’d sell out and make movies with all my buddy’s too if I was guaranteed millions a pop. The funniest thing he’s done in awhile was that skit with Bob Barker from last year:

With a cameo from Apollo Chubbs, too! It’s gold, Jerry! Gold! This skit is vintage Adam Sandler gold. But make no mistake about it, the Price Is Right Lord makes the bit. Bob Barker is extremely on point for looking clinically dead. Long live the Barker.