Today In Irish Soccer Fans Being Awesome: Dent A Car While Partying In The Street, Immediately Fix It. While Singing, Of Course.




(Source)When one over-eager Irish fan with a drum stood on a car in order to achieve higher ground over those below, he made a very obvious dent on the roof. Not to have this man’s actions go against the generally brilliant behaviour of the Irish in France, others in the vicinity engaged in a whip-round in order to pay for the damage caused to the unfortunate Lille native’s car. As the generous fans begin stuffing notes through the car door/window, others attempted a bit of DIY auto repair.




You know how people enjoy bullshit like watching their kids play because it reminds them what it was like to be so innocent and carefree and just genuinely good? That’s how I feel about Irish soccer fans. I click play on these videos and before I know it I’ve got a warm and fuzzy feeling all over my body. I mean the Euros have largely been a disaster. Fans rioting, throwing chairs, lighting flares, knocking each other out in the streets, all of it. But not the Irish. Nope. They accidentally dent your car while getting a bit rambunctious? Immediately start stuffing cash in your window as they attempt to fix it. Just the kind of people the Irish are. A Russian would accidentally dent your roof then cover it up by flipping the car and pissing in your gas tank, the Irish just pay you for the inconvenience you didn’t know you suffered through and fix it. Class acts for the boys.