Mailtime Featuring Trill Withers @TylerIAm

If you got hate in your heart, todays Mailtime is for your. Me and Trill Withers are starting the Everything Is Trash movement. If you dont know Tyler, follow him on twitter. One of the best follows in the game. @TylerIam. IWhenever I put together Twitter reaction blogs, Tyler is always leading the way. If you remember the “Meme History” trend, that was all him.

Anyway, as proclaimed by Tyler in this episode, 97% of the world is trash. 3% is kinda, sorta alright. Human interaction? Trash. Millionaire musicians complaining? Trash. All trash. We also talk about the Top 5 Inventions of all time, which I suppose would all fall into the 3%. Tyler answers how you get into Black Twitter, I explain how you get into White Twitter. And we talk about Lebron, rap music, and more.

If you want to see more from Trill, follow him @TylerIam or check out his podcast on iTunes – The Trill Withers Podcast.

Also on this episode me and BC recap our first Father’s Day and give you some behind the scenes talk on Couchella.