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Enough Is Enough. Strip Brazil Of The Olympics And Give Them To The USA


I’m truly sorry it had to come with this but yesterdays callous slaughtering of a jaguar down in Rio left me no choice but to call for the IOC to strip Brazil of its hosting privliges and give them to a country that actually has their shit together like the United States.

I wanted Brazil to be a success story, a real rags-to-riches feel-good example about what a country can accomplish when they have a common goal to work towards, but they’re clearly not ready to run with the big boys in the International Community just yet. I hope I don’t come off as zenophobic, but if being a zenophobe means I want the Olympics to take place in the United States instead of a country that murders zoo animals, poisons their own drinking supply, and ignores rampant gun violence as plain as the nose on their face-  well then I guess I’m a ignorant zenophobe.

Please sign my petition.

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