This "Hey Mister Snake" Video Brought Me Back To The Good Ol' Days Of The Internet

There was lots of talk about the Golden Age of the internet when Kimbo Slice died a couple of weeks ago. You know the time when Ebaumsworld and Bum Fights were the sheriffs of the Wild West known as the World Wide Web. But this video gave us a little bit of a throwback to those days. You think this video is just going to be a sweet old lady talking to a snake in a funny voice or a hawk may swoop in and snag the snake. Nope. A snake bite right in the camera’s motherfucking grill. Just like those old videos were you would look at a picture and then some evil ghost would appear out of nowhere and scream at you. Sure this video scared the piss out of me, but it also reminded me of a simpler time in internet history. A time when Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America Twitter handles weren’t pranking America with hoaxes. Just genuine #content that, in the words of Jimmy McNulty and Gus from The Wire, probably caused people to evacuate.