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Marshawn Lynch Dropped The Perfect Analogy For Why The Power Running Game Works So Well

I’m pretty sure the quote “Run through a motherfucker’s face” was the true inspiration for the Lombardi Sweep on those old great Packers teams. Power running at it’s finest. Smash a dude’s brain in over and over and over and over and over again, and he will relent sooner or later. Which is why Marshawn’s early retirement makes perfect sense. He was the one bashing everyone else’s skull. His brain probably has more than its fair share of bruises from over the years and needs to be kept as healthy as possible. Because the world needs a clear-minded Marshawn Lynch on TV. And I mean the real Marshawn Lynch, not some PG version of him on Fox or ESPN. Which means he should go to Showtime on Inside The NFL, since anything goes on pay cable. One minute Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason are breaking down the passing game of the Cardinals, the next Beast Mode talks about the time he grabbed his dick as he jumped in the end zone last year against the Cards. That’s how you get ratings on NFL preview shows. Not a bunch of lame announcers fake laughing at each others’ jokes. Younger NFL fans would love it, while all the old curmudgeons in the media would haaaaate it. God bless Marshawn Lynch. I even mocked up what his analogy would look like as a play in Madden.


And the only thing more fierce than Marshawn’s running style is his fashion sense. Beast Mode hat and shirt to go along with an African necklace and what appears to be Scarface pants. Swagger on a hundred thousand trillion.

Now lets go back and relive the best of Beast Mode.