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Ben Simmons Is Instagramming About The Process And Joel Embiid Has Been Cleared For 5 On 5

Trust The Process. Trust it hard. It’s all coming together for your Philadelphia 76ers. And by coming together I of course mean more and more potential whose results could only amount to a bunch of big black dick in our hands, but ya gotta love it! I also love the way Ben Simmons looks in Sixers blue and how Joel Embiid looks in one complete piece. Hopefully both stay like that for over a cool decade and 5 or so championships. There’s also rumblings about the Sixers possibly trading Noel/Okafor to the Celtics for #3 and, predictably, Dunn. Whatever happens, just think about Saric and the multiple lottery picks and cap space still coming our way come next year. The future looks oh so bright.