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11 Year Old Lebron James Jr. Has Standing Scholarship Offers at Kentucky and Duke...Duh.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Seven

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USA Today HSAccording to a lengthy ESPN profile of LeBron by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin and Brian Windhorst, his older son LeBron James Jr. already holds scholarship offers from Kentucky and Duke. Here’s the quote where the authors all too subtlely announced that young Bronny has scholarship offers from two college basketball titans at the ripe age of 11:

ESPN – He raised both arms, just as he did when he pinned Iguodala’s would-be layup against the glass with his right arm, and his 11-year-old son LeBron Jr. did the same (making it no wonder why he already has standing scholarship offers from both Duke and Kentucky, according to a source).

LeBron himself had previously noted that his son already had scholarship offers, though he also berated the practice of offering scholarships to children who are still years from middle school. At the time, many predicted that Ohio State was one of the schools with designs on Bronny. Now we know that Duke and Kentucky are in the mix for sure.

Uh yeah, no shit Lebron James Jr. has standing offers at Duke and Kentucky. I’d imagine Lebron James Jr. has standing offers at literally every school in the country with an organized basketball program. I mean as the name indicates…that’s Lebron James’ son. Nobody has a path more wide open to them in the basketball world right now than the spawn of Lebron James. If he shot two-handed airballs from 3 and dribbled off his foot every possession he’d be worth it just for the PR for the program, but good news for all the coaches out there – he’s pretty fucking filthy.

Oh and Kentucky and Duke are both Nike schools. Don’t know if that makes a difference, considering they just gave ‘Bron A BILLION dollars.

Only question is if Coach K and Cal will still be around when he actually hits college in what, 2023? Would LOVE to see those two legends fighting it out over little Lebron. Pulling out every dirty trick in the book, trying to find what to offer the kid who has literally everything – would be an absolutely epic recruiting battle.