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Brandon Ingram's Sports Science Spot Makes It Move...Need A Ben Simmons Rebuttal (At Least He Worked Out W/ The Sixers This Morning)

Damn you, Basketball Gods. And here I am thinking Ben Simmons is the consensus #1 overall pick (Spoiler Alert: He still is), but why did you have to throw Brandon Ingram with his wingspan of a Phoenix right in front of my face? Now there’s no choice but to throw Bigger Ben into this nerd arena and what kind of freakish genetic ability the kid was dealt. And yes, I’m of course talking about testing every aspect of his genome other than shooting ability. That will better come. But I guess until then, Ben Simmons has more important things to do:

FINALLY. Now everyone can put that happy horseshit of how Simmons was avoiding working out with the Sixers to bed. He’s here, and he’s (probably) here to say. And Simmonds better be sticking to working on his jump shot because his acting chops are worth dick. The dude’s as stiff as a board in this Foot Locker ad. A LeBron in Trainwreck he is not.