Major Props To This Pirates Ball Girl On Making This Bare Handed Snag

Now this is how you ball girl. The reaction time to go for the bare handed grab was one thing, the heart is another. You see the way she squared up to the rocket? That champ was ready to take one right off the tits if necessary. Pretty gal, too. Usually a baseball off the face would serve as an improvement to most Pittsburgh girls. OHHHHH SNAP. But for real, she’s got more athletic talent than any Phillies ball girl we’ve seen. Remember the Spring Training Hooters Girls the Phils would strut out there? Impressively futile.

What they lacked in talent they make up for in…something. I feel like Jimmy Dugan here. They’re the best thing to watch on the entire field and it’s a damn shame. I haven’t got ballplayers, I’ve got girls. Girls you want to sleep with after the game not coach during the game (hawk dip on nearest shoe). At least they can do the simple tasks like underhand the ball into the first row…oh, wait…

WHOOPS! Talk about your all-time exercise in futility. Still probably clocks in higher than Jered Weaver on the radar gun. Maybe the regular season gals at CBP have better skills, no?

Hey, honey, you know that over-sized, leather thing you have perfectly molded to your hand? It’s like an oven mitt but it’s used for catching baseballs. Might want to try it out next time. Trust me it’s a better feeling getting on Sportscenter making a sick catch than almost receiving a direct shot to the fanny. At least she saved the Silverfox’s life in the first row. Old man wanted absolutely nothing to do with that line drive and it showed. Cute smile, too. And I mean the ballgirl, not the old man. I think. Still, it was nice to see Freddy Galvis’ hardest hit ball of his career still managed to make the highlights as a foul ball.

It’s OK, girls. Keep doing you. ESPECIALLY blonde haired minx. SOMF, por favor.