An IHOP In Memphis Was Serving Fists Of Fury Along With Its Delicious Pancakes

I don’t know how to describe this video other than calling it a good old fashioned slobberknocker. A brawl of the biggest and best, well at least the biggest, that this Memphis IHOP had to offer. Usually you will see customer vs. customer fights or customer vs. waiter fights. But here we have battle royale of waitresses with hardcore rules activated. High chairs and booster seats raining from the skies. Babies crying in the background. A different skirmish breaking out every minute. Chaos. Watch out Waffle House. It looks like IHOP may be trying to take your “come for the breakfast, stay for the brouhaha” corner.

However, nobody screaming “Worldstar” during this brawl was either the biggest upset of the year or an indictment that screaming “Worldstar” is officially dead.