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Of Course Dan Bernstein Calls B-Marsh A Diva In His Most Recent Column



(CBS) Dropped passes in an exhibition game don’t count, and don’t really matter. And minor offseason medical procedures are a matter of routine for Brandon Marshall over his six-year NFL career. Unfortunately, the same can be said about his penchant for self-absorption. “I’m still trying to figure out my role and my place in this offense,” he told reporters yesterday, despite not being asked about that. He went on to mention his previously-unmentioned struggles to return to peak physical condition after hip arthroscopy, insinuating that unseen forces are “rushing” him back to action.

Alshon Jeffery catches seven passes for 77 yards in the first half against the Raiders, and Marshall is in a funk over his role. Already. His place in the offense is right there in the playbook. Split end or flanker, in the slot or in motion, whatever is assigned and called. Not complicated or dramatic, just run the route and make the catch or block somebody. But that’s never been the way Marshall has seen things, a big reason why the spectacularly-talented athletic specimen and four-time Pro-Bowler is on his third team at age 29. Jay Cutler has been through this with him before in Denver, and he was quick to write it off to just a bad day.

“He’s going to take it hard for a couple of days and then he’ll snap out of it,” Cutler said. “This week we don’t need him, so he can stay on the ledge for a couple more days and then come back next week.” Not exactly the most sensitive stuff from Cutler, considering Marshall’s well-publicized case of Borderline Personality Disorder, a condition finally diagnosed after a long string of arrests for such things as assaulting police, DUI, domestic violence, disorderly conduct and battery.

Those with BPD are prone to feeling abandoned, victimized or disconnected, and can act impulsively and emotionally, often responding to what they project on others. It is a broad-patterned illness that may explain a wide spectrum of behaviors. But regardless of any possible clinical reason for his diva turn, it does raise concerns. How manageable will Marshall be if a newly-egalitarian offense does anything less than force-feed him whatever opportunities he needs to feel appreciated? Every receiver wants the ball, but some are more professional than others when they don’t get it.

Several weeks ago, a longtime Miami writer told me, sarcastically, “Enjoy year two with Brandon.” He insisted Marshall was a con man – always out for himself, but able to smooth-talk executives, coaches, media and fans into believing otherwise, no matter what his long, checkered history suggested. Marshall has said the right things since arriving in Chicago, convincing many that his myriad issues are entirely behind him. I have heard and read the same explanations, and will choose to remain unsure of that, appropriately dubious of someone with multiple arrests. I guess I’m crazy that way.


I have an honest question. Does anyone despise the Bears while saying he’s a Bears fan more than Dan Bernstein? This is just classic old school media stuff right here. Don’t have a story to write? Find a quote, spin it as a negative and create something out of thin air. Look at exactly what he did here. He took this quote from Brandon Marshall.

“I’m still trying to figure out my role and my place in this offense,”


And made it into Brandon Marshall is a Diva and year 2 is going to be horrible with him and oh lets not forget to bring up his criminal record any chance we can! That’s exactly what just happened. Because when I read that quote from Brandon Marshall I see a guy who is trying to learn a new offense. Pretty simple stuff really. New Head Coach, new offense, the star wide receiver needs to figure it out. But nah, Bernstein is right, B-Marsh is a selfish prick and he probably was secretly saying he needs to catch the ball 15 times a game or else he’ll pull a temper tantrum and then Jay Cutler will pout and Marc Trestman will look like a fool and SEE! The Bears should never have brought in a quarterback that doesn’t smile, a wide receiver that has been arrested and a coach that had no NFL experience. This is where Bernstein is headed. Just sitting back “rooting” for the Bears when really he wants everything to blow up so he can tell us all “I told you so”. I almost feel bad for a guy like this. Such a sad existence to constantly be looking at the world from a glass half empty point of view. He is picking out the most naturally gifted wide receiver in Bears history and tearing him down out of thin air. Just hating everything and anything about Chicago sports for no real reason. I can’t even imagine being that miserable all the time.


Oh and if you don’t believe me that Bernstein secretly wants the Bears to fail, look at this tweet from Preseason Game 1.



Just dying for the Cutler/Marshall/Trestman era to be an unmitigated disaster.