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God Bless These Drivers For Firing Back At Bike Riders Across The City By Driving In Bike Lanes

There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from, it don’t matter if you three feet or eight-one. Now usually I hate when some hardo pulls a move like this on the highway by riding on the shoulder to pass stopped traffic. I usually pray for them to get into a non-fatal one car accident or a cop pulls them over. But this is different. I have blogged a few times about this whole biker vs. car driver battle and this is the next logical step. Bikers have been shapeshifting between pedestrian traffic laws and car traffic laws. They wanted this fight and now car drivers have brought it to their door. Sure, once other cars start riding in the bike lane, chaos is likely sure to follow. Bike riders on sidewalks, pedestrians in the streets, mass hysteria. But as someone that is sick and tired of these “healthy” and “green” SOBs doing what they want, scorched Earth policy is clearly the only option to go with. Darwinism at its finest. If we lose a few pedestrians along the way, so be it. They will have contributed to a brighter future for all of New York City.