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Whatever Stylist Put Lebron's Post-Championship Outfit Together Deserves A Huge Raise

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The Kermit hate and Ultimate Warrior t-shirt are as A+ as A+ can possibly get. I probably wouldn’t have worn my nana’s sunglasses, but the rest of it is GOLD. It’s not really being a villain, but it’s giving such a humongous middle finger to everyone who doubted him, basically the entire world as of a week ago, that you’ve got no choice but to tip your cap to it. I still think Manny’s “Jeter is golfing today. This is better,” sign is a bit better, but it’s very close. The only reason to win anything is to rub your opponents’ nose in it and mocking them with hats and shirts is just beautiful.


“This Warriors team is the best team in basketball history!!!”


“No, bitch. I’m the warrior.”