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J.R. Smith And The Cavs Have Arrived Back In Cleveland. However, J.R. Smith's Shirt Is Probably Still In Vegas

The J.R. Smith championship tour has now made its way to to Cleveland, with his shirt likely crumpled up on the floor of that Vegas club from last night. Dude just walks off the team flight shirtless, not giving a fuck in typical J.R. fashion. We are about to witness peak J.R. for the next few months and it is going to be glorious. J.R.’s body is likely more champagne than it is water right now.

Honest question, when is the next time J.R. wears a shirt? Or the better question is when is the next time J.R. is sober? Because Swish is at the point where he has to keep riding this bender for as long as possible, because the hangover is going to be massive. Even for a guy like J.R. And once that hangover hits, J.R.’s voice will be gone until at least Christmas. Thank GOD J.R. didn’t fuck up and fall off the LeBron gravy train.

And if this was a game of Clue, I would be saying that LeBron murdered the Warriors on the tarmac with the wrestling shirt.