Kenyan Courts Uphold The Use Of Anal Examinations As "Gay Tests"




(Source)A Kenyan court has upheld the use of anal examinations to determine a suspect’s sexual orientation, dismissing the argument that the procedure amounts to torture and degrading treatment. There was no violation of rights or the law, Mombasa high court judge Mathew Emukule said on Thursday. “I find no violation of human dignity, right to privacy and right to freedom of the petitioners,” he said. Two men had sought a court ruling to stop enforced anal examinations and HIV tests of men accused of being gay after they were subjected to the procedures.




I can’t say that I totally agree with the “no violation of human dignity or right to privacy” bit here, as putting something in someone’s asshole to see if they like it most certainly violates those, but there’s no doubt it’s probably an effective test, right? If your dad’s excited for his colonoscopy then you and your family are going to have an awkward sitdown in the living room in a few years.


What I want to know, however, is whose idea this was? Did that guy have to take his own test? Because it’s pretty “sus.” I just picture a bunch of Kenyan lawmakers sitting around their oak table/cardboard box, discussing how they can make sure to “catch” all the gay people in their country when the quiet one pipes up with, “Why don’t we just play with their buttholes a bit?” then nervously looks around waiting for the response until all the other super hetero guy nodded in agreement and exclaim, “Great idea! We’ll take turns administering the tests!”


Again, I’m not saying it’s not an effective test, I’m sure it’s as spot-on as Dwight’s metal detector gayday, but can’t say I agree with the fact that it doesn’t violate human rights.