Look At Swaggy P Trying To Hijack The Biggest TV Night Ever By Announcing He's Single


We can all agree that after D’Angelo Russell leaked that tape, Iggy Azalea was just biding her time like Lois Einhorn, waiting for the PERFECT moment to strike and cut ties with Swaggy P. What a vicious move. Right before tip for Game 7 of the NBA Finals and the #BastardBowl. My buddy is a Phillies fan and his girlfriend broke up with him right before Game 6 of 2009 the World Series, which until tonight was the most fucked up timing of a break up I have ever seen. But Iggy is the new queen of mean. Just a lesson that all Australians aren’t as pleasant as Crocodile Dundee or Nigel the pelican from Finding Nemo.

Then again, there is a 90% chance Swaggy P just did this as Twitter was getting warmed up for the night so he could get enough attention to help pitch a new reality show named “Single And Swaggy” or some shit. Never trust anyone that lives in L.A. for more than a few years. They are all fake (at least that’s what literally every L.A. resident I know tells me).

Or D’Angelo Russell hacked Swaggy P’s Twitter for his latest “prank”. And if it leads to D’Angelo Russell hosting a 2016 version of Punk’d, consider me all in.

Obligatory Swaggy P gif