It's The USGA vs Dustin Johnson Down The Stretch and EVERYBODY'S Weighing In

Back 9 of the US Open and we’ve got some serious Dustin Johnson controversy… again. On this par putt his ball moved before he “addressed it.”

He brought a rules official in, told the official what happened, and was adamant that HE did not make the ball move. The rules official said okie dokie, carry on, and DJ did.

Then, for some UNGODLY reason, the USGA sent a rules official over to DJ several holes later to tell him that he MIGHT be given a penalty. That they will look at it and make a decision AFTER the round.

WHAT!?!? Just let the fucking guy play.

Then, in a move they will undoubtedly regret, the USGA threw this buffoon on the broadcast to blabber on about how DJ will get penalized… except he refuses to just say that he’ll be penalized.

Here’s how the other boys feel. They’re AGGRESSIVELY weighing in and I love it. Nothing like the USGA trying to embarrass these guys with course conditions then having every single one of them gang up on them when shit hits the fan.