Blackhawks Reportedly Sign Top Prospect Nick Schmaltz


No official word out of the Blackhawks or Nick Schmaltz, but one of those “where there’s smoke there’s fire” situations. All indications are that Blackhawks top prospect, Nick Schmaltz, will sign within the next few days. Now, many people are tying this signing to the Teravainen trade. They may be related, but not because of Cap Space. Maybe Nick Schmaltz wanted a clear path to the NHL and was thinking he would rather spend another year at North Dakota than in Rockford. Now with Teravainen gone to Carolina, there appears to be more of an immediate opening for Schmaltz on the varsity. Obviously that’s all just speculation, but it’d make sense. Either way, the Blackhawks just added another highly skilled forward to the mix.



I’ll do more on the Blackhawks, this signing, and the Teravainen/Bickell trade this coming week, but this goes out to everyone crying about the Blackhawks essentially choosing Shaw over Teravainen…you need a balanced roster. It’s great to have speed, quickness, skill, and guys that can score from 25ft. You also need guys who can retrieve pucks, win battles, bring energy, and score goals from right on top of the crease. The Blackhawks have plenty of skill with Toews, Hossa, Kane, Panarin, and now they have even more coming with Schmaltz, Hinostroza, and possibly Motte in the next 18-24 months. Stan has a plan, and its to have a competitive lineup with guys who can challenge teams in all different ways. Dynasty Reign