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Fridays Are For The Men, Saturdays Are For The Boys




“Fridays…. are for the men,” the old man who looked like Quint if Quint hadn’t had such an easy life, exclaimed late Friday night (perhaps early Saturday morning because who’s to judge?) as his friends clanked glasses. “But… Saturdays…. SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS,” came next and with such group excitement I felt like I’d been thrust onto a roller coaster ride.

I had no idea what any of it meant, but I was captivated. Who gave a shit if I knew what it meant, in fact, it meant something to all the boys and therefore it meant something to me.

To this moment, I haven’t the faintest idea what was going on. But therein lies the beauty of it, if you ask me: the fact that it makes zero fucking sense. Fridays are for men and Saturdays are for boys? Sure, I guess. Whatever you say. It’s like the bible: there are a million separate ways to interpret a million (two) different phrases but at the end of the day just drink the fucking wine. Drink a lot of it. Drink all of it, in fact. Drink til it makes sense.

Personally, I think it means this: I think it means that if my dad wants to get drunk on a Friday night then he’s more than welcome to, he’s a man. But if he wants to get drunk on a Saturday? Too bad. He’s gotta mow the lawn and do yard work and run errands, like a man. Me, on the other hand? Saturdays are what I live for. Saturdays mean I don’t have to work, I don’t have to answer to a soul, I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to because I’m a boy and my only responsibility is to get drunk with my friends.

That may not be right. It probably isn’t right, because getting something correct would be a first for me, but it’s what I think. All I know is that Saturdays are for the boys. Grab a drink the moment you roll out of bed, chug liquor before you head to the bar, and remember very little after 5 PM. That’s what the boys do on Satudays.



PS – Those are some of my favorite gifs from last week. Tweet them again when you wake up, I’ll RT the best ones again though probably less than last time because that was a little overboard. We’re also working on a shirt so maybe we’ll start a little #saturdaysarefortheboys Saturday blog, like a #barstoolconfessions, and everyone who gets a gif on there gets a free tshirt or something. We’ll workshop it.