Shocking Confessions From Hooters Girls

I work at Hooters and I

I work at Hooters and I never wear underwear under the shorts... oops

I work at hooters and a lot of the waitresses here are really smart. They taught me how to make customers give $100 tips

I work at hooters and my boss hits on me because I have the biggest boobs out of all the staff

I actually love the way men act like they own me since I work at hooters

I work at Hooters, and I have a crush on my Manager. So I gave him a blowjob in his car after closing.

I work at hooters and it

I work at hooters and I can

I work at Hooters and no one knows I

I work at Hooters and I always give my number to customers who ask for it so I can get a bigger tip, even though I have a bf.

I work at Hooters and my professor came in and complimented my outfit. I hope this means I get a better grade.

I love working at hooters. I feel so sexy in the outfit and I love all the attention!

People assume I

I work at Hooters. Guys assume we like this job for the attention and tips. I like it for the greasy food.

I tan naked with my Hooters coworkers on the roof before our shift starts

I guess when I think of Hooters girls I don’t necessarily think of “awesome” stories, I think of a whole lot of degrading shit being thrown at them by super drunk old creepy horndogs. Turns out I’m not always right about everything.

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