Malcolm Jenkins Is The King Of Fashion And We All Are Simply Peasants

I have been a fan of Malcolm Jenkins ever since he stepped foot on the field for the Eagles. I mean, the man has a fucking brand on his arm, it is hard not to be a fan. But as the years have gone by, Jenkins is getting known more and more for his play off the field and I thinks its awesome. I am always interested in seeing what NFL players do when they aren’t training or practicing, and it seems for Jenkins he completely is in love with fashion, hence why he is in my top-five for “Best dressed in the NFL.”

This video pretty much takes you into that other part of Jenkins life and he has taken his Bow tie company (MALCOLM! IF YOU SEE THIS, SEND ME ONE PLEASE) into a full male-fashion line. Now I can barely handle talking on the cell phone and driving a car, so I don’t know how anyone can run a business and play the most important sport in the country for the biggest league in the world. it’s downright Impressive.

The truth of the matter is that Malcolm seems like one of the good guys in a league where sometimes there seems like there are not many. He is just a well-dressed business man. A well-dressed business man who lays the pipe on the field.