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Apparently Hover Jousting Is A Thing And Did We Just Watch A Guy Die?



Pretty sure we did. That was a dead person. RIP. Just when I think I’m totally done with anything and everything to do with hoverboards, they go and do something like this a totally redeem themselves. I was on board (puns are fun) with hoverboards when they first came out and people were getting hurt riding them. Broken ankles, broken legs, broken anything below the waist. I was on board with hoverboards when they started exploding all over the place and burning people’s houses down. I was for sure on board with hoverboards when a kid tried to do a front flip off one and shattered his head/spine/back. Here I thought the only place to go was down but now we’ve got hover jousting. Preferably hover jousting like the one above where a much bigger human goes up against a much smaller human. It makes for a better video. Seriously though, somebody check on that guy and see if he has a pulse.