So What Exactly Should The Bulls Do This Offseason?


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You know what’s been a lot of fun? Not thinking about the Chicago Bulls. This past season was such a drain as a fan that it was a nice break to watch the NBA Playoffs and not think about things like will Joakim be back? He won’t. Has Fred lost the team? Maybe. Has Pau Gasol frozen his sperm before the Brazil Olympics? It seems so yes. Will Derrick and Jimmy get along? Follow up, does it even matter because will they both be on the team come next season?


So if you saw this week the rumblings have begun. First it was Jimmy to Minnesota now it’s Derrick Rose to anyone. So the question is, what the fuck should the Bulls do? I’m honestly in favor of blowing the whole thing up. If you look around the NBA and then look back at the Bulls roster, what exactly excites you going forward? Jimmy Butler is basically the only answer. But can Jimmy Butler win you a title as your number 1 guy? I love Jimmy but I just don’t see it. So if he can’t, and you don’t have someone who can, why would you sit in purgatory for the next 3-4 years hoping to strike lightning in a bottle or get an injured Lebron and then maybe go to the Finals where you lose in 5? It’s a Catch 22. The Bulls are stuck because Jimmy is good enough to make them competitive but not good enough to win a title. And the Bulls aren’t stuck because Jimmy is still young and valuable and you can use his trade as your launching point for a total overhaul. Then you throw in the fact that the guys behind the overhaul, Gar and Pax, will undoubtedly fuck this up, and we’re back to square 1 where thinking about the Bulls gives me a headache.



Unfortunately this is what is going to happen and we all know it. They’ll dangle Jimmy and Derrick all summer long and do nothing but sign some shitty free agent. Then they’ll tell everyone that this team has a Championship window that is still open and how there is enough talent to win now. Jimmy and or Derrick will be pissed off at the front office for trying to trade them all summer long, Fred will have no control of the team, and they’ll end up with the 5th seed and maybe a playoff series win. Throw in a couple of sweet Doug McDermott dunks, a few nice Bobby Portis moments and a week or two of hot Niko and that’s your season. Only thing I missed was Tony Snell but I didn’t mention him because he played the entire season averaging 30 minutes a night without recording a single statistic. Fun times.