CT And Johnny Bananas Facing Off On The Aggro Crag Today In NYC Is Appointment Viewing

How much more awesomeness can you jam into one announcement? Two of the best in Challenge history along with the Camilinator and America’s Sweetheart all competing on one of the biggest icons in game show history. This is why we live with all the rats, homeless people, and wafts of hot garbage. To see some of the greats duke it out on Canal Street. Come for the nostalgia, stay for the bootleg purses and DVDs.

Now I will admit that I have always been more of a Double Dare guy than a Guts guy, but if we have CT and Bananas resparking their rivalry, it has to be on The Aggro Crag. It wouldn’t be the same watching those two running on the Double Dare hamster wheel or picking the giant nose that was a graveyard for so many families’ dreams of winning the grand prize. But with The Crag around, there’s always a chance we get another Bananas backpack moment. And if you don’t think Bananas woke up in a cold sweat thinking about this last night, you are nuts.

My only question is will Mo be there? Easily the coolest, least sassy English chick ever. Unfortunately I am stuck in the suburbs chasing around my baby as I attempt to blog, so I won’t be able to watch this showdown live today (the baby is on her own at 2 pm however, because my eyes will be glued to MTV’s periscope). I hope/imagine if today’s event gets enough interest, it could spark a sequel next year. And at that point myself and the rest of the Barstool goon squad will have a chance to make some premium #content for the Big Swinging Dick At The Cracker Factory.

And for those of you that want to rewatch or never saw Guts LEGEND Bryan Beer II on KFC Radio back in the day, here is your moment of zen: