I Could Watch Buddy The Rescue Dog Play Fetch With Himself All Life Long

Those excitement hops of anticipation is what pure joy is made from. You know, sometimes you’re just struggling here on a Wednesday afternoon to survive the hump of the week. All you’re doing is counting down the minutes till the weekend next drink and realizing your entire existence as a blogger is as useless as that college degree, then BOOM! The Internet gives you a fresh doggie video to make life seem almost worthwhile. If this don’t bring a smile to your soul then you might as well be dead already. The only complaint I have is we only got Buddy for about 30 seconds. If that video was 4 hours long I would’ve watched it all the way through. Twice.

Bonus Pup Vid: Awkward and/or stoned Pup needs to live a little in the doggie pool.

Come on man. This is how a Pooch Pool Party should go down. Pure, unadulterated mayhem.