Dude Goes HAMMERTIME On Himself While Sitting At The Top Of The Steps At Penn Station

Now you’re in NEWWWWWW YORRRRRRKKK! Concrete jungle were homeless bums can jerk off in the middle of one of the heaviest areas of foot traffic in the worlddd! There’s nothing you can’t dooooo!!!

At least this guy had the courtesy to keep his dick in his pants. Thats pretty courteous. Giving himself an Under The Pants Hand Job as opposed to the animals that expose their dicks to that rancid NYC air. You think this dude just came in his pants and got up and kept it moving? Absolute barbarian. This godforsaken hell hole gets worse and worse by the second.

Cant wait for all my buddies to move here! You guys are gonna love it! I cant wait for Portnoy to encounter his first masturbator. Actually at the rate he’s going with how often he goes noodle theres a good chance Dave eventually becomes one of the masturbators.