It Is Literally (I mean Literally) Impossible To Lose In This Week's DraftKings Golf And You Could Win A Million Dollars

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Casual million bucks up for grabs in this week’s US Open, no biggie. But you know what the best part is? Say your team, much like yourself on a regular Saturday, fires a million balls into the woods and just sucks, do you know what happens? I’ll tell you: DraftKings will give you money to play in a new contest. Yup, for all new users it’s literally impossible to lose this weekend. Draft your team and, if they suck, you still get the entry fee into another contest. If they don’t suck, you win a million dollars. Sex, golf, and DraftKings: the three things you don’t even need to be good at to have fun this weekend.




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It’s impossible to lose this week on DraftKings:

–          Sign up to play in this week’s Fantasy Golf Millionaire for golf’s Second Major

–          Over 40,000 scores will win money this week guaranteed, with first place taking home $1,000,000

–          If you don’t win any money this week, DraftKings will you give more money to play in another contest (new users only)

–          All you have to do is draft a team of 6 golfers by Thursday at 6:45 AM EST



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