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PornHub Is Jumping Into The Blind People Demographic By Offering "Described Video"


This was my biggest nightmare. Going in to get the miracle of sight last week (I’ll do a full write up about that possibly tomorrow), my biggest fear was that laser going rouge resulting in me going blind and missing out on all the great wonders of the world. Snow covered mountain peaks, rainbows after a storm, big titted teens getting a train run on them, sunsets over the beach, etc. Thankfully I didn’t go blind, but good news for those who did, PornHub is looking out for you by narrating their porns. I have to say though, if I was a blindo, this would possibly make me even more angry at the universe. Hearing a woman describe a Girls Do Porn scene with Miss Teen Colorado and not being able to see it with your own two eyes could lead a blind man to jump straight off the Golden Gate Bridge. I appreciate all the greatness PHub has brought into the world. I appreciate them looking out for our sightless brothers and sisters as we all fight through this thing called life. But this feels like dangling a donut in front of a fat man on a fishing pole. These poor folks will never be able to see the latina woman on the massage table, or the whore in the bang bus. And that makes me sad, but also makes me so glad I have two perfect eyes more than ever.