Man Tells Girlfriend He Has HIV....Girlfriend Promptly Runs Him Over. Hilarity Ensues

First of all this dude who got run over can cry me a river. If you have the HIV and don’t tell you’re girlfriend about it then you 1,000% deserve to get a car driven over your face. And how stupid is this guy? He just broke the news to her and he’s riding his bike in circles like he’s 12 years old waiting for the Ice Cream truck to come by. Bro you have a mad woman on the loose. Takes you’re HIV ass and get out of dodge. But as much as I want to hate this guy I just can’t. Because that routine he put on when he struggles to his feet and then staggers until he runs into that short wall and flips over into the neighbors yard was laugh out loud funny. I can’t hate anybody who makes me laugh like that. I felt like I was watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon or something. Really well played. Not bad HIV dude. Not bad.

PS- This woman looks insane. I’m sure the dude is insane. When bad things happen to legit insane people it doesn’t count.