Big Cat And The Entire Crowd At KFC Radio: Couchella Sings The National Anthem

One of the best moments to come out of Couchella Live at Caroline’s On Broadway. Kind of the beauty of KFC Radio. Legit anything can happen. Its not a routine. Its not a script. You never know where a question or topic is gonna go. Big Cat had no idea what Turtle was going to ask. Next thing you know he’s cracking jokes about being a good singer and bingo bango we’re all singing the National Anthem. 320 people on their feet singing back up to Danny Pipes. It was an absolutely ELECTRIC moment. Probably the most memorable out of a show with a lot of lasting moments.

The full video of Couchella will be out later today. Its hands down the most professional product we’ve ever put out there. The video came out like a real comedy special. A lot of really classic moments from the Katz Feitelberg Clancy gang. Clear your schedule tonight and get your popcorn ready. Couchella is coming to you in primetime.