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What Weekend Highlight Best Sums Up Chicago Baseball This Year?

Chris Sale going ape shit on a water cooler.



8 out of 10. Frustration. Anger. Being totally exacerbated with absolute shit. All there. Only reason it’s not a perfect 10 is it’s sort of old hat. I mean if you’re going to get pissed you have to reach Zambrano level otherwise it’s not even worth coming out.


Nate Schierholtz getting beaned in the face….but not while batting.


9 out of 10. Great metaphor. Falling out of the box, get on your feet, drilled in the face with a fastball. One step forward 3 steps back. Just when you get a little momentum you take a face full of baseball. If that’s not this season then I don’t know what is. Oh but wait…

Mark Parent got ejected from the game yesterday before a pitch was thrown.




And there it is, the perfect metaphor. Chicago Baseball, so bad this year we don’t even want to watch the first pitch. Getting kicked out during the lineup card exchange, unprecedented lows. Thank god football is 2 weeks away.