OJ Simpson Once Tried To Claim An Errant Drive Of His Landed On A Tee In the Woods

So I was watching part II of the OJ documentary last night. My early thoughts on this thing is there is no way this needed to be 53 segments. This could have been a traditional 2 hour 30 for 30 and I would have been happy with it. Just way too long for my tastes. But that’s neither here nor there.

The point of this blog is that last night they revealed arguably the most preposterous story not only in the history of golf, but in the history of mankind. Supposedly OJ Simpson once hit a drive into the woods and tried to claim that it landed on a tee. It wasn’t good enough for him just to drop a ball out his pocket and pretend he found it, he actually put it on a fucking tee and tried to act like it just happened to land there. I mean obviously he had to be joking, but the way they tell this story it was like he wasn’t joking. Like the guys he was playing were actually arguing with him that it couldn’t be his ball. The fact that anybody would try to pull this stunt off is beyond words. I know OJ murdered 2 people, but this is far more psychotic. It really is. Lots of people have committed murder. I guarantee you nobody else in the world has ever tried to say their ball landed on a random tee on an errant drive.

PS – How about his buddy being “do you know the odds of your ball landing on a tee in this area is?” Umm how about a ball landing on a tee anywhere at anytime in life. It’s fucking impossible. Yeah no shit he cheated.