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If You Get Fooled By 7 Million Dollars In Monopoly Money You Kind Of Deserve It

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Guardian - A gang of conmen who used Monopoly money to trick jewellery dealers in a £7m scam have been ordered to go to jail.

The toy cash was sometimes sandwiched between real euro notes in piles of money, and on other occasions the word “Monopoly” was covered by paper bands used to hold the bundles together.

At Bristol crown court, the judge, Julian Lambert, told the gang: “The fraud operated required you men to establish confidence in your victims so it was thought you could be trusted. You operated as a crime group, using reconnaissance and meticulous planning. It required considerable ingenuity and effort to establish dishonest ends.”

In the biggest single swindle, jeweller John Calleija, who has a shop in the Royal Arcade, Old Bond Street, central London, and who counts royalty and actors among his clients, was defrauded of £6.1m.


At first when I saw the headline for this article I thought they were using the words “monopoly money” as a metaphor for counterfeit cash. But then I read it and nope, these guys legitimately used Monopoly money mixed in with real money and defrauded people for 7 million pounds. I have to give them a tip of my (top) hat for that one. It takes giant balls to use actual Monopoly money when running a scam. You have to be so sure of yourself and so cocky in your work to not just use fake money, but use money straight out of Marvin Gardens to pull off a multi-million dollar heist. And that’s why I think the jewelers just have to take their lumps. You got played by Monopoly money, bro. Legit brightly colored, 200 dollars for passing Go, Monopoly money. My favorite part is “the word “Monopoly” was covered by paper bands used to hold the bundles together.” Like nope, this isn’t Monopoly money, I swear…if it wassss Monopoly money, than wouldn’t it say so? And yeah, just ignore that little toy train and plastic house on it. Supposed to be there.