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If You Have Your Wedding Party At a McDonald's You Might Be Too Fat For Life

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This fast-food Mc-lovin’ couple celebrated tying the knot with a very happy meal…a wedding breakfast at McDonald’s. Joseph Shapton, 34, and his new wife Louise, invited 30 guests to one of the restaurants in Hertfordshire.  

“I always wanted a McDonald’s party as a child and I never got one so I thought I do my own one. We’ve brought the family along, it’s a special occasion and I really enjoy the food.”

Louise’s sister even created an amazing wedding cake, designed to look like a Maccy Ds burger. Louise said that she decided on a Big Mac meal with extra sauce and pickles to mark the special day.  

“I am very happy about coming to McDonald’s because I’ve never been to a party in a MacDonalds. Now I’m going to enjoy my Big Mac.”


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I don’t want to be a #hater, but you cannot have your wedding party at a McDonald’s. You just can’t. I love McDonald’s. I’m a McDonald’s guy. But there’s no need to bring McDonald’s into the wedding. And for 1 reason and 1 reason only: being married sucks and it will ruin McDonald’s for the rest of your life. Nobody is happily married. Nobody likes their wife. Then you have a kid and that thing cries and poops all day and it’s the never ending circle of awfulness. And now that guy can’t even stop at a McDonald’s on the way home and order enough food to feed an African village, and just have a little bit of peace and quiet, a little slice of heaven, because his wedding night ripped the greatness of McDonald’s straight out of his hands. Now McDonald’s will forever be tied to his porky wife, forever giving him PTSD of when he spent his wedding night taking pictures like this instead of getting drunk with his buddies:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.57.42 AM

McDonald’s is all some men have in their lives, you can’t give that away with your soul when you take those vows.