Smokeshow Bella Thorne Chronicles Her Whole Colonoscopy On Snapchat

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Daily Mail – Bella Thorne was spotted at the Moschino fashion show this weekend wearing a crown. But on Monday, the redhead beauty traded the sparkly accessory for a blue hospital cap as she took to Snapchat revealing that she was in the hospital for a colonoscopy. The 18-year-old posted a series of videos to social media as she prepared for the procedure which is a routine test for people over the age of 50 to check intestinal health.  Bella listened to rap music and appeared to be in positive spirits as one of her arms remained connected to medical tape and an IV. Hours before she began documenting her colonoscopy prep, which included drinking what appeared to be GoLytely. The oral solution is a combination of a laxative and electrolytes for bowel cleansing prior to the medical exam.

Well who would have thought our first foray into butt stuff with Bella Thorne would be this disappointing. I mean I would have thought I’d jump at the thought of this chick:

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and almost anything with her butt. But apparently I was wrong. Apparently I was severely mistaken. Its like a “Be careful what you wish for” situation. You wanna see butt play with Bella Thorne? Here you go! Laxatives and doctor scopes! I mean the criticism of the world today is that we’re all oversharers and I dont think theres any better example than Bella Thorne documenting the entire process of getting her colon scoped. Tweeting and snapping pics of you chugging laxatives and saying youre shitting yourself might have been just a taddddd too much. The internet giveth and the internet taketh away.

What is she doing getting a colonoscopy at 18 anyway? Who let her send out all those snaps? Its too much information and not enough information all at the same time. Lets just forget any of this happened and go back to talking about how shes about to become a full blown sex kitten superstar.