This Texas A&M Chant Would Reduce Most Men To Tears

This is fucking RUTHLESS! Hoooooooly SHIT. I was feeling pressure on my chest and it was hard to breathe watching that video. I can’t even IMAGINE what it would feel like to be on the mound in that situation. I’d probably just walk right off the hill and into the clubhouse like B-Rabbit at the Shelter. Choke! Choke! Choke! And the craziest part about all of this is that they just don’t stop coming. I remember being at Fenway Park in the early 2000’s and Red Sox fans would taunt Ted Lilly with “LI-LLY! LI-LLY!” chants, but something as simple as throwing over to first base would quiet them down before they started back up again.

Not here. Not Texas A&M fans. Throw over to first, call a meeting to the mound, clean your spikes, adjust your balls — do whatever you want, but we’re going to remind you how many consecutive balls you’ve thrown as loud as we possibly can without pause. And they get louder and louder with each ball that the pitcher throws. It’s amazing. It’s like some shit out of a movie where a pitcher is having a nightmare about what it’ll be like to take the mound in his first big start, and it’s a complete exaggeration of what a baseball environment is actually like, only this shit is real life. The type of shit that would make most men curl up in a ball and start rocking back and forth, screaming “stop it!” I love it.

PS – Shout out to the pitcher for some how not cracking a smile or crying.