It Took Almost 2 Years But Kevin Love Is Finally Fighting Back Against The Tyranny Of Lebron



It finally happened. Almost 2 years of being left out of Instagram pictures, subtweeted, and blamed for every loss in Cleveland, Kevin Love has finally stood up for himself. Yeah it was slightly passive aggressive but it was a start. And why wouldn’t he speak his mind? At this point unless the Cavs take this to 7 games and the front office (Lebron) can convince himself that they were “almost there”, Kevin Love is a goner. A failed experiment. A guy who admittedly has some glaring holes in his game but still was made to be the root of every problem on this Cavs team. A no win situation from the jump. Win in Cleveland and it’s Lebron’s team and how he saved Cleveland. Lose and it’s Kevin Love’s awful defense and how Lebron can’t do it all. Might as well get a couple of shots in on the way out right? Hopefully he finds happiness next year wherever he lands. I’ve never seen a more mentally fragile team than the Cavs. When the going is good they are best friends, when they face a little adversity it comes apart at the seams.