Gucci Mane's Snapchat Commentary Of Game Of Thrones Is The Only GOT Commentary You Need









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So people are saying that last night’s episode of GOT was a snoozer. I”m not so sure about that. We had The Mountain ripping a guy’s head off like he was cracking a pistachio, we had The Hound back to doing The Hound things with an axe, the return of Khaleesi to Meeren, Blackfish’s death and Arya killing Waif (kinda pissed they didn’t show us that). Lots of moving pieces just like very other GOT episode. Oh and what else did we have? Live snapchat commentary from the one and only Gucci Mane! Glorious! I knew Gucci Mane getting snapchat was gonna be great for a lot of reasons. I wanted to see him partying it up once he got home from prison, I wanted to see him eating food that wasn’t prison slop, I wanted to see him driving around in his brand new Maybach, etc etc. But at no point did I think he would be live-snapping GOT but I’m happy to be surprised. I need all of Gucci’s thoughts on GOT. I could listen to him talk about Tyrion Lannister until the end of time. If Gucci Mane reads this, please do this every week. Can’t have enough Gucci GOT recaps.