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Does This Look Like the Face of A Woman Who Climbed Into The Ring And Pulled A Gun On A Wrestler Mid Match?



northwestgeogianews – A LaFayette woman was arrested on aggravated assault charges after she allegedly pulled a gun on a popular pro wrestler during a match in Ringgold. The incident has prompted the promoters to consider installing metal detectors at matches. Patricia Anne Crowe, 59, of 604 Chestnut Street, was arrested Saturday, June 4, on charges of aggravated assault and reckless conduct.The promotion was putting on its monthly show, when Crowe, a spectator at the event, threatened and attacked long-time wrestler Paul Lee. Deputies arrived on scene after Crowe allegedly jumped into the ring during the show and pulled a handgun on Lee. According to Lee and several witnesses, Lee was participating in a match with “Iron Mann,” at which time he tied him up and was hitting him with a chair, reports show. “I had him tied up and was beating on him, and this lady jumps up with a knife, cuts him loose, and then pulled a loaded gun on me,” Lee said. “She had that thing loaded with one in the chamber and the safety off. All it would have taken was for her to get shaky with that thing and it could have fired.” According to police Cpl. Chris Faulk, Crowe admitted she pulled the gun on Lee because of the banter the two had engaged in. “Ms. Crowe did indeed pull the gun on Mr. Lee because of the way he’d talked to her,” Faulk said. “She said, ‘he was talking mean to me, and I got mad. I guess I just let my temper get the best of me and I pulled my pistol on him’.”Lee says he told Crowe “to sit her toothless self back down,” and that she then approached the ring.



I absolutely don’t think you should be arrested for this. I’m not just saying this to be different or contrarian either. This is what makes minor league wrestling wrestling. Like I get it if it’s the WWE. Can’t have people pulling loaded guns during that. But minor league wrestling? As long as you don’t pull the trigger anything goes in my book. You tell a fan to “sit her toothless self back” well she has every right to climb into the ring and pull a gun on you. That’s wrestling plain and simple. That’s what keeps people coming back for more.