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Tom Brady Was Absolutely Stunning At The Montreal Grand Prix








I’m gonna need a second here to collect myself after that little hair flip.



Frankly, there are only so many times you can say the same thing, but it still needs to be said: Tom Brady is stupid sexy. This wasn’t him prepared for a red carpet or any kind of “appearance,” this was just a dude hanging out at the track. He was the most surprised person in the world when a camera wound up in his face, and he still looked like he was ready for a commercial shoot. That’s just how the man rolls out of bed in the morning. Quick hair flip and boom, he’s ready to go with the interview. He probably kicks himself every day for getting into this “football” thing when he knows damn well he’d be the most famous supermodel in his family if he just had the time to dedicate to it.



PS – Never really get tired of seeing this typed out. Almost looks as hot as he does.


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