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Three Wheel Of Fortune Bankrupts In A Row Take Us Into The Weekend

So close to that big money, yet so far away. I don’t know what the odds of that happening are, but they have to be pretty goddamn low. There are 24 slots on the wheel, with two full Bankrupts and that cocktease 2/3 Bankrupt, 1/3 million dollars.

*Squeezes eyes real hard and tries to calculate numbers in brain*

Nope, that math is well above my regular blogger brain.

And how about the way Pat Sajak tells the guy to give him his half a car piece and to “back it in his driveway”? No fucking chill. Typical heartless Sajak. He is the only gameshow host in America who seems to hate his contestants getting a little greedy and going for more money. Damn you, Sajak. I hope all of you have a better weekend than Pat Sajak does.