Father And Son Singing A Frank Sinatra Duet In The Car Makes Parenting Look Awesome



Sign me up. Sign me up for having kids right now. I’ll be a Dad if that is what it’s like everyday. That was some Phil and Luke Dunphy stuff but in real life. I don’t wanna do the part of parenting where I have to feed the child, bathe the child, change the child’s shitty diaper, put a roof over the child’s head or anything that has to do with keeping the child safe. That all sounds like a lot of work that I don’t wanna do. I want the part where me and my Mini Me drive around town and sing Frank Sinatra songs together. That’s it. That’s the part I want. If that’s what parenting is, I’ll knock a girl up right this second (gimme me like three to four weeks to find one who is willing). That was awesome. They must’ve been practicing that for months. Instead of, “Hey wanna go toss around the football outside?” it’s “Hey wanna go drive around and memorize some Frank?” That video made fatherhood look sweet.



PS- Not gonna lie, I couldn’t fully enjoy that video cause that dad kinda sorta looks like Ian Poulter. That really took my level of joy from 100 to about a 93. I couldn’t stop thinking about it once I noticed. Fuck Ian Poulter man.