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The Internet Losing Its Shit Because Kevin Durant And James Harden Hung Out Means That Glorious NBA Free Agency Season Is Almost Upon Us


ESPN- Former teammates Kevin Durant and James Harden are “hanging out” this week, ?but the close friends’ ?brief reunion isn’t expected to have a real impact on Durant’s forthcoming free agency, according to league sources. Sources told that Harden’s Houston Rockets are not a team Durant plans to consider when he becomes an unrestricted free agent July 1, despite Harden’s presence there and the Rockets’ long-known intent to chase him. At least one picture of Durant and Harden at a restaurant has circulated this week via Instagram, leading to inevitable speculation about Harden trying to recruit his former Oklahoma City Thunder colleague to Houston. Sources insist ?the visit is nothing out of the ordinary ?for them, given the players’ long-standing friendship, and particularly because Houston, sources say, is not a destination Durant intends to consider.

NBA free agency is by far the best sport’s free agency on the planet and maybe the best part of the NBA. Rumors on rumors on #sources with a shitload of fan fiction. And with the explosion of social media, I feel like its getting even better. More ridiculous information floating around, as well as all the jokes that go along with it. And lest we forget about the Great Emoji War of 2015 over DeAndre Jordan. Just the best. I still remember hearing that LeBron and Amare were eating lunch with Mike D’Antoni the afternoon of The Decision and debated the rest of the day if I should go in on Knicks season tickets with some friends since it was a lock that LeBron was coming here. Same thing with Kevin Durant playing against Melo last year in New York and KD saying how him and Melo were friends.

Which takes us to this report by Marc Stein where he had to tell everyone that Kevin Durant probably isn’t going to go to (what I believe is) America’s least favorite team just because a picture at a restaurant. Not two friends that were former teammates hanging out after the season was over, but an obvious sign that Durant was going to Houston. Just ridiculous. Also, I bet old school media members must haaaaaate reporting on this type of stuff, which makes me love it even more.

But I can’t blame Rockets fans that talked themselves into it. As I Knicks fan, I would talk myself into the top free agents coming here every year we had cap room because they wanted to come to the big market of New York. But years of disappointment thanks to James Dolan’s unlikeability and the Knicks absolutely sucking has me believing that the Knicks will never sign another big free agent again. I am Michael Scott after Carol breaks up with him. Christmas is cancelled forever in my mind. However, I do hope one day that a picture of two guys at a place called LoLo’s breaks one of the biggest sports stories of the year.

Actually, when Stephen A. Smith said that LeBron, Wade, and Bosh had all rented out a bunch of cabanas in Miami for the weekend after the decision, that’s when I knew he was taking his talents to South Beach. There needs to be a 30 For 30 about that weekend. I cannot imagine the parties and chicks that were there that weekend. Way above my common man paygrade.