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Eugene Monroe Chirps The Ravens About His Stance On Marijuana Use By NFL Players


In March I wrote about Eugene Monroe’s case for the NFL changing their policy towards marijuana use by players. He made a good case and it’s still one I agree with. But anyone with knowledge of the Ravens current roster situation knows that this tweet isn’t really a product of the Ravens disagreeing with his cause. It’s a product of Monroe being disgruntled about being pushed out the door by a top 10 draft pick. He’s seen the writing on the wall and now he’s trying to make it about something other than the fact that he’s hardly earned a dollar of the $37.5M contract he signed 2 years ago. So he’s going to try and spin it into a “the Ravens cut me because of my pro-marijuana campaign” type of thing, to try to hide the fact it’s a “the Ravens cut me because I kinda sorta stink” type of thing. But nonetheless, that doesn’t make him wrong.

I think most people side with Monroe, seeing as he plays in a league where after a game some players can barely walk normally until Wednesday. If weed can help with the chronic pain, the league at least owes it to the players to give it a look, study the effects, and reach a research-based conclusion, instead of Roger giving the ol’ “no because I said so” answer. With all these players having crippling arthritis by 50 and dead by 60, maybe smoking a little marijuana while they’re playing isn’t really the end of the world.